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After buying and having my car serviced at Elmhurst Toyota for 5-years, I was amazed at what happened last Saturday. I cracked my driver's side mirror; not the casing or motor, just the mirror.

I took it in to get replaced. two hours later, they said it would have to be ordered and would cost $300.00. Since I had already spoken with AutoZone and knew the price of a replacement mirror ($38) I asked why $300? Oh, the casing is cracked I was told.

So, I said Show Me. Fifteen minutes later, no crack and the mechanic says well, we crack 3 out of 4 replacement mirrors so we want you to pay $300 for the full assembly. No, I said, just the mirror. I was told (after I paid for additional repairs they found when they inspected my car without my permission) the part was ordered.

I received an email (no phone call) late today from the service director Daniel Briggs. He wants me to pay $300 for the full assembly; they break 3 out of 4 upon install.

And, if I don't and they break it during install, even though I would pay $50.00 for the install, they will not absorb the cost.

I'm speechless; to find this level of deceptive practice from a firm like this is so disappointing.

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When you brought your car in on Saturday Terry and our Technician, Doug, showed you the housing on the mirror is loose and has broken free from the mirror assembly. Doug also mentioned to you that we have seen issues replacing the mirror glass by itself. (They still ordered the glass only for you). This is consistent with my email estimate to you. I cannot see how telling you about possible concerns and giving you options for the repair is “deceptive”. We have had quite a few of these mirrors break and the fingers on the mirror housing break upon install. In these circumstances, we did end up replacing the mirror glasses and the mirror assembly at our cost. We have also had a few of the installs go very well. The installs had nothing to do with the competence of the technicians, and everything to do with the design of the replacement parts. I am not sure which of the “several” dealers you have called, but when I contacted Schaumburg Toyota, Oakbrook Toyota, Bredemann Toyota, and Elgin Toyota, all four had the same concerns with the glass only replacement and the recommended repair was the mirror assembly. Their pricing was in line with the estimate I gave you. It is possible that an inexperienced and uninformed service advisor would not have known, or would not care enough to inform customers about this issue.

I feel this situation would be very similar to a patient who has, after receiving sound medical advice to the contrary and after the doctor has gone over all the possible outcomes, still has a procedure performed. He/She sues the doctor because the outcome was not what the patient wanted, but was one of the possible outcomes the doctor had warned the patient about. Elmhurst Toyota Scion will continue to inform and guide our customers to sound repairs and maintenance alternatives that will add value to our relationships with our customers. What our customers choose to do with that information is their choice. We would rather have our customers be informed of all possible outcomes than misinformed. I am sorry that you feel you can no longer trust our dealership for service on your Camry

Daniel Briggs

Parts and Service Director

Elmhurst Toyota Scion

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